Forest School CPD

6th July 2018
As part of an ongoing drive to promote Forest School principles and a greater understanding of it's purpose and effectiveness in teaching and learning; a whole school staff professional development session was held on the Forest school site which the students frequent.  Staff were divided into groups and lead by Miss Noble, Mrs Leaver (Level 2 FS practitioner) and Mr Belcher (Level 3 FS practitioner). The group activities consisted of using tools and natural environment to make mallets, creating a fire camp, whittling sticks and cooking bread twists and shelter building.
Throughout the CPD, staff experienced the same learning aspects which the students are influenced by on a weekly basis. These involved resilience, developed confidences and self esteem, leadership, sensory development and communication.
As a result of the successful CPD, staff are keen to implement and develop some Forest School strategies and concepts within their classrooms and looking forwards to developing these ideas further with a coastal schools CPD towards the end of the new term.