School Uniform

Hillcrest's school policy is listed below.  Click on the link for further details.  
School Uniform
At Hillcrest the majority of our students choose to wear school hoodies and polo shirts but these are not mandatory and alternative non branded items can also be worn.  Black or grey trousers/skirts and dark shoes or trainers should be worn.  Trousers can be jogging type trousers if this is preferred to tailored trousers.  
The hoodies and polo shirts are worn all year round.
Items can be purchased from Cloud 9 Leisure for both branded and unbranded items.  For alternative items (similar colours) parents are welcome to source these from other suppliers (local supermarkets etc).  Parents can also contact school to see if any second-hand items are available.  Most importantly, students should attend school appropriately dressed in clothes that are comfortable and have an outdoor coat for bad weather.
PE Uniform
Most students do PE in their school uniform and trainers that they wear to attend school.  For students who wish to change for PE, comfortable sports clothing and trainers would be recommended.
Cloud 9 Leisure take orders directly from parents/carers via their website  From the home page click on 'School Shop' then find and click on 'Hillcrest School' to choose the items you wish to order