• Mrs D Atkinson

    Office Manager

    At the root of Hillcrest there has always been a supportive, caring, nurturing team that has grown over time and evolved into a place that has an atmosphere that is similar to being part of an extended family unit. School life is ever changing and it’s seeing how the students’ progress from nervous new starters to confident young adults that make it an interesting and enjoyable environment to work in.

  • Miss R Johnson

    Office Admin

    When I applied for my job I knew I would enjoy it, but when I actually came to Hillcrest I fell in love with the place. You are always welcome here and get treated like a family not just work colleagues. The kids are so amazing; you get to know each and every one of them and I wouldn’t want to work at any other place.

  • Mrs T Taggart

    Office Admin

    Hillcrest School provides a very warm, welcoming and caring environment for both students and staff. I knew from day one that I was going to enjoy working here.