• Mrs A Mead

    Head Teacher

    Why do I love working at Hillcrest? That is easy! Spending every day with amazing young people and a dedicated staff team who continually go above and beyond makes Hillcrest a really, really special place. Seeing learners beam from ear to ear when they achieve something is a glorious sight. Come in and see for yourself.

  • Mrs A Miller

    Assistant Head

    It is a privilege to be a part of the jigsaw which supports the transition of our young people into adulthood. Everyday is different, challenging and make me laugh and smile.

  • Mrs E Ross-Ballard


    The children learn to become a team and gain new skills they need to work independently. Being able to watch and support them to do this is the best part of my job.

  • Mrs Y Storey


    I love working here at Hillcrest School. A true team of like minded people working together, staff and students to embody our motto "dream, believe, achieve". Student focused, we start with the individual and build our ethos around them so that they can achieve their goals and be the best version of themselves.

  • Mrs S Finley


    I teach at Hillcrest School as I believe in the pupils and staff that I work with, in the belief that we make a difference on a daily basis. Our school community is our second family and I love teaching my pupils in a fun yet challenging way. I enjoy taking pupils out on school trips, to experience learning in different environments and the school offers many opportunities for this.

  • Mrs S Waites

    Teacher- English Lead

    I came for my interview and by the time I’d spent the afternoon in Hillcrest I knew it was where I wanted to work. The students make it a very fulfilling place to work. I’ve never been happier in a job.

  • Mrs H Sample


    I like working at Hillcrest School because the young people and staff work together to make a nurturing community where everyone can achieve their goals.

  • Mrs C Gibson


    I feel privileged to have worked at Hillcrest for 28 years within a supporting role, delivering Speech & Language and Literacy Intervention sessions. It is great to be part of our pupils journey through education, encouraging them to believe in themselves and see them achieve so much.

  • Ms T Hawkins


    Working at Hillcrest is not just a privilege but a joy. The students are staff are not just part of a school community but we are a family where we care and look after each other. Academic success is important but all the staff have the desire to make our students into amazing young people. I enjoy watching them on this journey towards becoming young adults that are happy and motivated.

  • Mrs J Dodds

    Cover Supervisor

    Working with the 6th form students has made me laugh and smile. I have watched these fantastic students grow from young children to great young adults. I am so proud of them all and, at times, feel that I could burst with pride. I have always said that, here at Hillcrest, we are just like one big family, where all the staff work extremely hard taking care of and nurturing all the pupils. Every student knows that they DO count and we DO care.

  • Mrs C Wake

    Cover Supervisor

    The reason I love working at Hillcrest is because you get to spend your working day with amazing young people helping them achieve and develop.

  • Miss Louise Little


    I love having the opportunity to combine my passion for sport with my passion for education. At Hillcrest, I can help the students strive to always go that extra mile. That's a very special job to have!

  • Miss R Johnson

    Office Apprentice

    When I applied for my job I knew I would enjoy it, but when I actually came to Hillcrest I fell in love with the place. You are always welcome here and get treated like a family not just work colleagues. The kids are so amazing; you get to know each and every one of them and I wouldn’t want to work at any other place.

  • Miss S Kidd


    I knew on my first visit to Hillcrest that I wanted to work here. Great things happen here and it's amazing to be a part of it. Every student here has so much to offer and it's a privilege to be able to support them on their individual journeys. It genuinely does feel like we're all part of a family and I love it!

  • Mr M Bainbridge


  • Mrs M Thompson

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs C Dixon

    Learning Support Assistant

    Working at Hillcrest school has given me the opportunity to support a range of students in a creative, fun and supportive environment. I believe that each student is an individual and this school provides the opportunity for each student to be supported to succeed and achieve their own potential.

  • Mrs T Taggart

    Office Assistant

    Hillcrest School provides a very warm, welcoming and caring environment for both students and staff. I knew from day 1 that I was going to enjoy working here.

  • Mr M Phillips

    Deputy Head

    I am incredibly privileged to work here at Hillcrest. Working with such a motivated and professional team really does ensure we give every learner the very best experience. I really admire every learner that comes to Hillcrest as they each bring their own diverse needs as well as a great dimension to the family that we are here.

  • Mrs D Atkinson

    Office Manager

    At the root of Hillcrest there has always been a supportive, caring, nurturing team that has grown over time and evolved into a place that has an atmosphere that is similar to being part of an extended family unit. School life is ever changing and it’s seeing how the students’ progress from nervous new starters to confident young adults that make it an interesting and enjoyable environment to work in.

  • Mr N Belcher


    I am a proud member of Hillcrest school because of the creativity, imaginative and wide range of teaching and learning styles needed by teachers to ensure all of our diverse students achieve their personal goals. Due to its family community, restorative, holistic ethos and supportive nature; our students always feel cared for. My colleagues empathy and positive drive to motivate our students to succeed makes Hillcrest, a vibrant place to work.

  • Mrs E Williams

    Teacher- Maths Lead

    I love working at Hillcrest because the kids are amazing, staff are friendly and supportive and everyday brings a new challenge and success story. Working with our pupils is so rewarding, when all the hard work pays off and you see the progress they make both academically and emotionally. You want to come in everyday for the kids, you don't want to let them down.

  • Miss L Grear


    Hillcrest is a fantastic school, our team of staff are motivated and committed to getting the very best outcomes for each and every one of our students. Hillcrest is not just a school, it is a family of students and staff who support, encourage and develop each other and strive for success. It is an absolute privilege to be part of the Hillcrest team for 10 years, it is great to see our students believe in themselves and achieve their goals. I love coming to work every day knowing I am playing a part in making positive difference to our student’s lives!

  • Mrs K Harrison

    Cover Supervisor

    We are all recognised as individuals- staff and students alike. I find it refreshing how our skills, strengths and interests are used to benefit our school.

  • Mrs C McVeigh


    I enjoy working at Hillcrest school as it has given me the opportunity to work with students who have unique personalities. I love that the school provides each student the opportunity to achieve and succeed in their own way and support them and their families no matter what.

  • Miss A Jobson

    Learning Support Assistant

    It is an absolute joy to work here at Hillcrest. All staff and students grow and learn together in such a welcoming environment. It's amazing to see the progress that the young people make here at Hillcrest and I am delighted to be a part of that.

  • Miss P Scott

    Learning Support Assistant

    The children are given opportunities to learn and achieve brand new skills from staff who want to see them achieve. Being able to work with both children and staff is a reason to enjoy coming everyday.

  • Mrs J Condon

    Learning Support Assistant

    I really enjoy working in an environment, where everyone strives to achieve one goal-
    to help and encourage each student to be the best version of themselves, supporting their journey of learning and helping to achieve their full potential.

  • Mr C Pitt

    Learning Support Assistant

    Since starting at Hillcrest I have been so impressed by the skills and attitude of the team of staff and I've loved getting to know such a diverse bunch of learners. I am particularly happy to be working in such a considerate environment where the needs of all the learners are understood and catered to to give them the best possible chance of success.

  • Mrs J Townsend

    Kitchen Manager

  • Mrs H Green

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mr K Hall

    Apprentice LSA

  • Mrs S Brown

    Learning Support Assistant

    Working at Hillcrest is both rewarding and challenging, every day is different , but in a good way. It brings a great deal of satisfaction to see the pupils succeed in new things every day.

  • Mr T Day-Atkinson

    Apprentice LSA

    I have the privilege of working in a school filled with a diverse group of students, providing them with the support that allows them to achieve their full potential and seeing them grow into young adults.

  • Mrs S Wakenshaw

    Learning Support Assistant

    It is a privilege to work at a school like Hillcrest! The children are an amazing group of young people - they are such a pleasure and fun to work with. I am proud to be a member of the staff at Hillcrest, everyone here gives 110% in their job every day.

  • Mrs R Ashurst


    I love working at Hillcrest School! The students are all fantastic, inspirational young people and the staff are friendly and supportive. It feels like a real family and somewhere I want to stay for a long time.