Keeping Safe Online

Young people may expose themselves to danger, both knowingly and unknowingly, when using the Internet and other technologies. Additionally, young people could become involved in activities which are inappropriate or possibly illegal. We, therefore, recognise our responsibilities to educate our pupils, teaching them the appropriate behaviours and critical thinking to enable them to remain both safe and legal when using the Internet and related technologies.

In school we have safeguards including an Acceptable Use policy, staff maintain visual warnings when logging in, and individual login codes which can track site usage via LA wide system.

We urge parents to be vigilant and monitor their children’s use of this valuable technology to ensure their safety outside of school.

We recognise that the internet is now widely available to children via a range of devices and that as parents, this poses some challenge in ensuring children are using the internet and staying safe in the process. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) agency provide some excellent materials to help make you aware of the specific dangers the internet can pose to children and how to manage your child's use.

Reports can be made to CEOP by anybody who suspects a child is at risk of or being abused or exploited online.

What's the problem? is a guide for parents/carers of children and young people who have got in trouble online.

Snapchat - a guide for parents. Snapchat is a media-sharing and chat app. The text, photos, and videos sent disappear seconds after they're viewed – the sender decides how long the receivers have to view them.