Overview of each project during PBL Week

9th July 2015

Guide Book – The Base & Year 9 

Students are designing a travel guide linked to their recent trip to Beadnell Bay. They will work to a design brief set by the charity who owns the property and their guide will go on to help other schools and young people access the local attractions and get the most out of their stay.

They will use their experiences, photographs and research skills.

They will be researching print based communication and accessibility and the finished product will be used by other school and children with additional needs. This will be presented to the charity.


Tea in the Park – Years 7 & 8

The focus of our project is how we can use our cookery skills to improve links with the local community. The aim of the project is to raise the profile of Hillcrest through an Afternoon Tea Party for the local community.

They will learn what makes an Afternoon Tea and how it has changed over time. Students will be picking their own fruit at Brockbushes Farm on Monday 13th July ready for their jam making lesson with the WI. Students will be planning, shopping and baking all items for their afternoon tea.

Finally, on the exhibition day some fundraising will take place so that a monetary donation can be made to Operation Playground. 


Scenarios- The Links & Year 10

Our project has an underlying theme of anti-bullying under the title “Scenarios”. The students will be taking part in writing a script, creating a stop motion film and developing a montage which features team building and friendship PSHE sessions. As part of this, we are going to visit Kielder Water and Forest park to develop these sessions on Tuesday 14th July. This will give students a fantastic opportunity to be involved in friendship and team building which may involve a mountain bike trek and creation of a montage which reflects their experiences.


Pimp my garden – Year 11

Pupils will be working together to improve the quality of the Y11 garden. They will tidy up the area and plant new plants as well as making decorative ornaments for the trees, some of which will be for sale on the day the parents come in. Pupils will also be creating a seating area from reclaimed car parts.


This year 6th form

Pupil are organising a Sports Day. We are going to organise a range of activities to involve the whole school. The events will take place in the hall and on the field. The emphasis is on having fun! We are going to offer medals and certificates and present competitors with medals and certificates. The 6th form students will also prepare healthy snacks for students and teas and coffees for visitors.