Welcome to our Governors’ section of the school website.  We are extremely proud of our school and we in the Governing Body are privileged to play an active role in supporting and steering Hillcrest School towards the well-deserved and worthy recognition of being an outstanding teaching learning environment for our students.

There is a strong feeling of family and community throughout the school; we all work together, Staff, Students and Governors alike, to continually improve Hillcrest school.   It is a whole team effort and one in which we all work hard together to achieve.

We as a Governing Body have many diverse skills, which enable us as a team to bring value added experience and guidance to enhance the overall effectiveness of the school.  We provide challenge to the school leaders to ensure we have a school that continually strives for excellence in all aspects of its day-to-day function and the provision of outstanding teaching practice for our students.

In addition we attend training sessions in school alongside staff members in areas such as Child Protection, e-safety, and Safeguarding, not to mention external training opportunities in Governor Induction, Effective Challenge and Outstanding Governance.  Although we are all volunteers, we are annually appraised and held to account for our effectiveness in our roles and responsibilities and we are extremely privileged to hold positions of Governance within Hillcrest School.