Assessment & Attainment


Hillcrest school recognises that assessment is the key to measuring the progress learners are making and this in turn impacts the teaching required to maintain progress over time. As all our learners have specific needs we were keen to adopt an assessment system that is specific and tailored to capture the depth of learning. The result was iASEND. Please see the relevant downloads for further information about our assessment system.


Hillcrest has the highest expectations for all learners and as such we try to ensure our curriculum is tailored to providing accredited courses whilst meeting functional living needs. Although all mainstream schools aim to offer their learners GCSEs at the end of Key Stage 4 and AS/A2 at the end of Key Stage 5, special schools need to make a reasonable professional judgement, with parents and learners included, whether this is the most appropriate route for the learners needs and ability. Hillcrest is registered with several exam boards so have the availability to tailor accreditations appropriately. 

2015-2016 Results

OCR Entry Level English-- 9 learners attained

OCR Entry Level Maths- 11 learners attained

OCR Entry Level Science- 4 learners attained

GCSE Maths- 5 learners attained

GCSE Science- 1 learner attained